Yorkshire & Leeds BEST Function & Wedding Band… VIBETOWN!!!

Are you looking to book a Wedding Function Band for your event? Then why not try Vibetown! The band are available to book direct through their website www.vibetown.net, but what most people don’t realise is that the Leeds based Function Wedding Band Vibetown are also listed on agencies as well as having their own website. 80% of the bookings that Vibetown take are direct and through the bands website www.vibetown.net – this is great as the band earn a decent wage and the client gets the same product and service for less money. Unfortunately though, some clients still book through an agency. If a client chose to book the band direct, then they would find that they get the same service as through an agency, but at a cheaper price! By booking direct with Vibetown for your Wedding in Yorkshire or Leeds you can usually save around £100 – £150 in agency fees. That’s a pretty great saving by anyones standards!

One things agencies don’t want is for clients to find the band they are wanting book through either another agency or even worse, direct via the bands official website! Something that a lot of clients don’t realise is that 9 out of 10 times, agencies change the bands names and list them on their website under a different moniker. This is to stop clients from finding the band online and booking direct, which would cut out their fee and save you money! Sneaky eh?

So the lesson here? ALWAYS BOOK VIBETOWN DIRECT THROUGH THIER WEBSITE WWW.VIBETOWN.NET!!! Your bank balance will appreciate it 😉

If you want further info about booking a Live Function Band For Your Wedding In Leeds or Yorkshire then check out this blog post featured on Vibetown’s website www.vibetown.net

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